20 Movies I’m Most Excited To See This Fall – Part 2

DeeGee De Guzman: Sarah Geronimo is in love and back on texting world

There was a time when the summer used to be my most anticipated movie-going season of the year. I used to sit up late, compiling stupid lists of my most anticipated movies of the summer. I used to run out and buy all the summer movie preview magazine issues. I even played box office games with friends. Eventually, when I started writing for film, I tried to ensure that my summer movie preview stories were the ones that received the most hits because, you know, it the biggest movie season of the year. But as Ive gotten older, things have gradually changed. I find myself more interested in seeking out the serious, dark, and prestige pictures instead of the fluffy explosion-fest crowd-pleasers. I find myself more excited for a three hour mood piece made by a Danish director starring the fourth lead in The Dark Knight instead of the latest J.J. Abrams blockbuster. Maybe its because Im getting older or maybe its just that my tastes are maturing. Perhaps its just that Ive grown weary of watching the same narrative play itself out over and over and over again.

Emirates Chooses IFE Services for Latin American Movies

It is because of this commitment that SkyTrax has recognised Emirates’ ice (information, communication and entertainment) system for nine consecutive years as the World’s Best Airline Inflight Entertainment. IFE Services will manage the digital encoding of the movies for onboard delivery across Emirates’ audio visual on-demand (AVOD) systems. In March this year, IFE Services announced that it was supplying African movies to Emirates in languages including Afrikaans, Arabic, English, French, Kikuyu, Swahili and Zulu. For more information about Emirates please visit http://www.emirates.com For more information about IFE Services please visit http://www.ifeservices.com Aboutice Emirates’ in-flight entertainment, ice (information, communications and entertainment), has been voted the World’s Best Airline Inflight Entertainment by SkyTrax for nine consecutive years. The latest ice Digital Widescreen system offers up to 1,500 channels of entertainment, including over 300 movies from around the world, hundreds of TV choices and thousands of music tracks from contemporary to classical. To keep passengers engaged, ice offers much more than movies and TV – its entertainment and communication selection includes a choice of video games, bespoke podcasts and communications choices ranging from in-seat telephones to Wi-Fi internet access in-flight. About IFE Services IFE Services is a leading provider of in-flight entertainment solutions to the airline industry. Its focus on quality and innovation is supported by a strong commitment to customer service and investment in the latest systems and technologies. IFE Services supplies a full range of services to enable its clients to provide a first class entertainment experience to passengers. They include movies, TV programmes, audio, games, 3D map, apps, safety and destination films, portable entertainment systems, onboard publications and AVOD technical support and management. IFE Services works with a broad client-base worldwide of over 50 airlines and cruise ship operators.