Food Trucks To Roll Into Lax, Continue At Long Beach Airport

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(Colby Ware/special to The Baltimore Sun / July 29, 2012) Also By Hugo Martin September 22, 2013, 10:00 a.m. The food truck craze that has swept the nation will soon roll up to Los Angeles International Airport . No, airport security wont allow food trucks to pull to the curb of the terminal. Instead, an airport concession operator plans to install the shell of a food truck inside of Terminal 4. The fake truck will be outfitted inside with grills, pots, pans and other equipment to serve food. Starting Nov. 1, the food truck will be operated by food truck chefs based in Los Angeles, who will rotate in once a year or so. This is our way to help bring people with local talent to offer their food at the airport, said Rich Bennett, senior director of operations for HMSHost, a concession operator at Los Angeles International Airport. Meanwhile, Long Beach Airport is one of a handful of airports across the country that has allowed food trucks to park at its cellphone parking lots to dish out chow to drivers waiting to pick up friends and family members. The food truck program, called Truckn Tuesdays, was originally a summer event held the third Tuesday of each month. But it has become so popular that the airport plans to continue it indefinitely. Passengers, employees and those waiting in the area are enjoying it, said airport spokeswoman Kerry Gerot. ALSO:

Making healthy food a simple choice

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All he ever eats are doughnuts. Medical provider: Who buys the doughnuts and leaves them out for the child to eat? This conversation is alarmingly common. When it comes to eating healthy there are several strategies that are known not to work for many people. One is to trust will power that you will not to eat the junk food that is purchased every week and is conveniently available in the house. When a person is rushed and hungry , it is easy to justify grabbing a plastic wrapped snack instead of preparing a good quality meal. Another strategy is to stock the kitchen with healthy versions of the same junk food. This makes the rationalization easier when grabbing a snack instead of taking the time to make a good meal. An all natural organic soda and organic snack chips are really not better than a home cooked meal made of fresh ingredients. Some simple strategies and preparation can avoid the situation where poor food choices are made due to easy availability of poor food choices. Ban junk food from the house. If you really want junk food make it a difficult task to specifically go out and buy it.

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