Here I Am: Historic 1 Billion Pound Pledge From Uk A Challenge To The World To Fully Fund The Global Fund

Itron Installs Millionth UK Water Communication Module with Yorkshire Water

drone program. (screengrab)In “part of a worsening campaign of intimidation,” UK officials have again made a controversial use of the country’s anti-terrorism legislation to detain someone at an airport. On Monday, human rights activist and member of Yemens National Dialogue Baraa Shiban was detained at Gatwick Airport and held under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act. Just over a month ago, David Miranda, the partner of Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, was detained for 9 hours at London’s Heathrow Aiport under the same law. Shiban also works for Reprieve , a UK charity that “delivers justice and saves lives, from death row to Guantanamo Bay.” In a press release reporting the news of Shiban’s detention, the group also explains that it “works to support the relatives of civilian victims of drone strikes who are seeking legal redress.” Shiban has also been an outspoken critic of the U.S. drone war. At a May 8 congressional hearing on the U.S. drone program, Shiban said that the strikes not only cause civilian casualties, but that “Every lethal mistake the U.S. makes is kerosene for an insurgency.” At Gatwick, officials threatened to detain Shiban for 9 hours, and was told, Your organization has obviously been causing a lot of problems to your country. The relations between your government and the UK are vital for us. Following his one-and-a-half hour detention, Shiban stated, I was stunned when the border agent said I was being held simply because I came from Yemen. It was even more shocking when he spent the entire time asking me about my human rights work and Reprieve, the charity I work for. Is the UK the kind of place that human rights activists are fair game for detention, intimidation, and interrogation?” Intimidation is exactly what it is, stated Reprieve. This is part of a worsening campaign of intimidation of human rights workers going on at the UK border especially if they are critical of the so-called war on terror,” stated Cori Crider, Strategic Director at Reprieve. “If there were any doubt the UK were abusing its counter-terrorism powers to silence critics, this ends it.

UK Enterprises Embrace BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

It enables us to securely deploy our customised business applications and in turn delivers tangible productivity benefits to our employees. This new platform is not only great for the business, but also for our customers who are benefiting from an even higher standard of service as a result of our improved operational efficiency.” – Emmanuel Clave, Group Director of Information Technology, Rocco Forte Hotels “One of our key mobility requirements is on-the-go access to document management software. BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 provides a single platform that facilitates the management and control of this and other business-critical apps in a consistent environment that meets our stringent security requirements.” – Aaron Donaldson, 3rd Line Support Team leader, Clyde & Co. “The Premier League is using BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 to manage its suite of BlackBerry and iOS devices. The organisation has long used BlackBerry as their mobile solution of choice. The new platform enables us to extend the tried and tested management and security capabilities of the BlackBerry solution to support other tablet and smartphones used within the organisation.”- Simon Thunder, Head of IT, The Premier League “BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 brings significant technology, cost and operational improvements to our existing BlackBerry infrastructure. It addresses many of the challenges employers face in an increasingly diverse mobile environment by delivering the only end-to-end solution capable of securely managing devices from different platforms. BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 allows us to simply and effectively manage all device platforms from one user-friendly graphical interface. With the added bonus of BlackBerry Balance technology on the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 smartphones we have deployed, our employees can enjoy all the benefits of a cutting-edge smartphone while we can rest assured that all corporate information is kept completely separate and secure.” – Neil Kirk, Head of Unified Communications, Europe, Hogg Robinson Group PLC “BlackBerry has a long history as the mobile solution of choice for the broader public sector. The new BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 platform enables us to securely manage and control existing BlackBerry smartphones and the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones from one single console.” – Paul Donnelly, Senior Network Administrator, NHS Education Scotland * According to a May 2013 report by Forrester Research, Inc. entitled: “Build A Road Map For Workforce Computing”.

In the past, I have travelled to the UK and spoken to many British politicians, policy makers, advocates and ordinary citizens about the need to fight HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria globally and was always impressed by the genuine determination of British citizens to work towards ending these three diseases. These commitments of devoting 0.7% of GNI to development generally, and this landmark pledge to the Global Fund by the UK government and this challenge to other global leaders, gives British people the opportunity to be a significant driver in the achievement of truly incredible results. It asserts the UK’s extra-ordinary leadership in the fight against the three diseases and as a steadfast supporter and champion of the Global Fund. I recently helped launch a report, ” Cost of Inaction ” which adds to recent research in the New England Journal of Medicine and other publications indicating that, with adequate investments, the global community can defeat HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. It also explains the cost of inaction and the tremendous losses that may be caused if funding for the fight against these three diseases is not secured, including a fully replenished Global Fund. The British people and their government get it. The Nordic countries got it earlier this month by collectively pledging US $750 million for the Fund, another large increase. Let’s hope that other world leaders see the challenge that has been issued to them in this bold and ambitious commitment by the UK government: the cost of inaction far outweighs the cost of action and we can get these three deadly epidemics under control if we act now and scale-up our collective resources to fight HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. I’m optimistic the world will rise to the challenge. ~ Lucy Chesire: TB-HIV advocate from Kenya Board Member of the Global Fund Board Communities Delegation. About the Here I Am campaign:The Here I Am campaign is a global call on world leaders to save millions of lives by supporting a fully funded Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Here I Am brings the voices of people that are directly affected by AIDS, TB and malaria into dialogue about decisions that affect their lives and the lives of millions of others in their countries.

Markets closed Itron Installs Millionth UK Water Communication Module with Yorkshire Water Milestone reached signalling commitment to conserving UKs water resources Press Release: Itron, Inc. 32 minutes ago +0.08 LIBERTY LAKE, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Itron, Inc. ( ITRI ) announced that it has deployed one million water communication modules in the UK and Ireland. The one millionth module was installed for Yorkshire Water as part of a contract to deploy Automated Meter Reading (AMR) services for residential and commercial customers. In total, Itron has deployed nearly 7 million smart water endpoints in Europe, establishing the company as a leading supplier of smart water meters and associated communication technologies, software and services. To celebrate the major milestone in the UK, Itron presented Yorkshire Water with a specially made commemorative award. Yorkshire Water manages the collection, treatment and distribution of water in Yorkshire, supplying around 1.24 billion litres of drinking water each day. The installation of the millionth Itron communication module takes the number of customers in the Yorkshire water region with AMR services to close to 50 percent. We are delighted that Itrons one millionth AMR module has been installed with Yorkshire Water. Their solutions and support services have been instrumental in helping us increase our operational efficiency and customer service levels, said Tony OShea, metering and leakage manager, Yorkshire Water. The Itron deployments are equipped with the newest generation EverBlu AMR module which provides a seamless pathway for utilities to migrate from remote mobile reading to fixed network reading. Itrons enhanced data around consumption, leakage and alarms help utilities remotely assess the performance of their networks and assets. Providing valuable information helps promote efficient use of water and leakage reduction alongside customer service improvements in billing and query resolution.