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Harris gets some female payback with this story of a high school reunion where the party guests are drugged, bound and eventually forced to atone for past sins a including standing by while a mutual friend was raped at a party. If only there had been a little bit more bone with all the blood, this could have been special. Sadly, itas all clichA. But at least itas short. Special features include behind the scenes and character bios. FILL THE VOID: One star out of five a Like suffocating beneath a thick layer of protective plastic, Fill the Void feels like slow death. Indeed, if you ever wondered what it might feel like to be zipped up in a body bag while still breathing, but unable to move, this is the movie that brings it all home as it forces the viewer to accept a lack of oxygen and freedom without a fight. As itas set against the backdrop of Israelas ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, weare introduced to the beautiful Shira (Hadas Yaron), an 18-year-old woman who looks up to her older sister, who is about to give birth. When her sister dies and leaves behind a widower and an infant, Shiraas grieving mother begs her to marry the man left behind so the family can stay in Israel. Shira wrestles for a moment, but decides her own happiness must come second in this world where men control everything, especially the assignment of female value and worthiness. Because the movie tries to camouflage the inherent sexism through emotional device a not to mention cheap star filters to diffuse the light a it feels like manipulative propaganda. Special features include commentary and more. NIRVANA: LIVE AND LOUD: Three stars out of five a The ghost of Kurt Cobain may not be happy about the apparent cash grab, but he can at least take pride in the show. Live and Loud is a complete record of Nirvanaas 1993 show at Seattleas Pier 48, fleshed out with new concert footage sampled from other gigs on the same tour.

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