‘star Wars’ Origins: Which Characters Should Get Their Own Movies?

I watch film trailers to see if its a movie that I probably will want to watch through the slit between two fingers of a hand held in front of my eyes. I go alone because it doesnt seem manly to make gasping sounds or jump up more than a few inches during startling scenes of a film you see with a friend. And those close to you will know your rest room routine. Saying that you have to go seven or eight times just to get out of the theater for a few minutes is not reasoning thats going to seem rational to them. Nevertheless, I continue to go to these films. I continue to have these Hollywood-arranged close encounters with ghosts, goblins and green men. Its simply fun to be frightened, sometimes. But, I do still need someone to walk with me from the theater exit to my car, and perhaps ride home with me, and maybe even turn the house lights on so Im not too scared to walk in through my own door. A lot of movies have been released recently about demon possession, gangs of marauding undead individuals, aliens inhabiting the bodies of relatively normal-looking people, and other frightening film themes. Which means Im parking closer to the door of the theater, so after they scare me and let me leave, I dont have to walk far in the dark. I shouldnt go to these kinds of movies at all. But, I probably shouldnt have watched old zombie movies on TV late at night, either, and then tried to get to sleep. I slept in the same room with my brother. He really didnt look normal to me even after we just watched westerns, so imagine how suspicious I was after a scary movie.

Have you ever been sat watching a movie and suddenly realised that instead of rooting for a traditional whiter than white protagonist youre willing on one of those evil doers Disney have trained us to despise from childhood? Im not just talking about films where the villain is more interesting that the hero either. Im talking about when a film intentionally takes your nice, normal mind and warps it so you think these devious people are worth rooting for. Here are ten of these scoundrel loving movies you probably didnt even realise were playing with you (including a couple that didnt even realise it themselves). Spoilers run throughout the list, so tread carefully, lest you see how bad these people really are. Honourable Mention The Iron Lady Only Works For Half Of Britain When leaving a showing of The Iron Lady people around me were commenting on they were amazed Meryl Streep and co. managed to make Margaret Thatcher into a sympathetic character. But as with everything in the world of politics, its a two sided coin. While many people despise Thatcher theres an equally substantial contingent of Brits who adore her, meaning she cant fully be taken as a bad guy. Thats the main reason the film doesnt make the list, but theres also the fact the film isnt actually very good, so youre most likely just rooting for it to end.

9 Smart Movies That Tricked Us Into Rooting For The Bad Guys


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