Texas Food Fight Caught On Students’ Cell Phones

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of Americans throw out food prematurely, as TIME reported last week. Basically, consumers are confused by phrasing like use by and sell by and so, to be safe, they end up tossing perfectly good produce, snacks and more. In reality, food dating really just indicates when an item is at its peak freshness, not when it becomes inedible. All of this got Doug Rauch, the former president of the Trader Joes supermarket chain, thinking about a potential solution. And now, it seems he might have found one: a market that specializes in preparing and repackaging expired food and selling it at deeply discounted prices. He plans to launch this project, called the Daily Table, next year in Bostons working-class Dorchester neighborhood, NPR reports . (MORE: How Two German-Owned Sister Supermarket Brands Became Hot Trendsetters ) Its the idea about how to bring affordable nutrition to the underserved in our cities, Rauch told NPR. It basically tries to utilize this 40 percent of this food that is wasted.He explained that the Daily Tables setup will be kind ofa hybrid between a grocery store and a restaurant if you would, because primarily its going to take this food in, prep it, cook it [for] what I call speed-scratch cooking. The basic concept of repurposing expired food isnt new. Food banks, for example, have been doing it for years. But the idea here is to make this nutritional food an affordable, quick and easy option to people who might otherwise spend their lunch money at McDonalds. And of course, its about implementing a longer-term solution to the growing problem of wasted food across the U.S. This is about trying to tackle a very large social challenge we have, Rauch told NPR, that is going to create a health care tsunami in cost if we dont do something about it.

Recommended restaurant: Jitlada , 5233 1/2 West Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90027 Recommended dishes: Steamed mussels in Thai herbs, the Crying Tiger Beef and fresh prawns in curry sauce. Those are the three just absolutely crushing dishes in that restaurant. Photo of steamed mussels in Thai herbs at Jitlada by Jo Stougaard . Bangkok In most people’s opinion, Bangkok is the fourth region of Thai food. It’s where all the regions marry perfectly. Recommended restaurant: Yai ( Yelp ), 5757 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028 Recommended dishes: Pad thai and any curry. Photo of jungle curry at Yai by The Huffington Post. Tila hosts tours of Thai Town when he’s not busy with his TV show appearances. He’s also been named Thai Culinary Ambassador to the U.S. and is hosting LA’s inaugural Thai Food Fest on Sunday, Sept. 29.

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The food fight between OConnor High School and Brandeis High School happened after Brandeis football team defeated OConnor 12-10 on Saturday night. Students from both schools headed to Whataburger where the wild food fight broke out. Cell phone video showed food, drinks and trays flying through the air as students ducked and screamed. Some students could be facing suspension for their actions, according to ABC News San Antonio affiliate KSAT-TV . Campus administrators will review videos to identify students who will face appropriate consequences including suspension from school, Northside Independent School district spokesman Pascual Gonzalez said in a statement to KSAT. NISD will also cooperate with law enforcement and restaurant management in pursuing criminal charges if warranted. (Credit: Steven Perez/FLickr) A spokesman for Whataburger said they will not be seeking criminal charges. The principals from both Brandeis and OConnor high schools have reached out to Whataburger to offer their sincere apology for the food fight, Whataburger Corporate Communications said in a statement to ABC News. In addition, students from both schools, whether they were involved or not, have come to our restaurant and apologized, and we greatly appreciate the outpouring of support. The burger chain said they understood that it was an emotional moment between small groups of students that were not representative of the entire student population. The Whataburger team will continue to welcome Brandeis and OConnor students at our restaurants and were also committed to continuing the partnership and support of both high schools, the statement said.

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