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MUSIC INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO PRESENTS FREE LUNCHTIME CONCERTS; New Downtown Evanston Campus Welcomes Musicians and Music Lovers Monthly

MUSIC INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO PRESENTS FREE LUNCHTIME CONCERTS; New Downtown Evanston Campus Welcomes Musicians and Music Lovers Monthly

The Auckland native has two theories about why listeners have connected with her music: “There’s not a lot of reality in pop music sometimes. It can feel quite detached from people’s lives, and so that was something people appreciate about my music maybe. But also, it’s super, super simple, which is kind of refreshing.” Royals was inspired by the lavish, over-the-top lifestyle of hip-hop and pop artists. “I realized that lots of the references (in their lyrics) didn’t really relate to anything in my life,” says Lorde, though she does count herself as a fan of Drake and Nicki Minaj. But when choosing her stage name, Yelich-O’Connor sought out a royal-sounding moniker, inspired by her childhood obsession with aristocracy, “something that has always fascinated me. Everything that happened to a royal family in, like, the 17th century is just absurd, but cool.” She added the silent “e” at the end of “Lord” for a feminine touch. She signed a development deal with Universal Records at age 12 after an artists and repertoire rep saw video of her performing in her school talent show. But things didn’t really get going until she partnered with co-writer Joel Little and released her EP, The Love Club, on music-streaming site SoundCloud for free last year. (It was officially released by Universal in March.) She’s arriving stateside for an eight-date U.S. tour that kicks off tonight in Los Angeles, and her full-length debut, Pure Heroine, is out Monday (now streaming at VH1). “The (new) record is quite different from the EP, musically, in that I just have kind of grown up a bit since I wrote the EP. I’m better at making beats and writing songs and stuff,” she says with a laugh.

Music Review: Kings of Leon tame themselves in 6th studio album, ‘Mechanical Bull’

Thats a risk. Both approaches played key parts in the distinction, and appeal, of Drakes biggest album, 2011s Take Care. To the contrary, this time the star declares, Im on my worst behavior, setting up a long run of raps favored activities: chest-pumping, argument-starting and score-settling. Right at the start, Drake evens the playing field with one of raps giants, boasting Im as famous as my mentor (i.e., Lil Wayne). From there, he whips out declarations like Im the kid with the motormouth/Im the one you should worry about, Im holding all the cards/and nas wanna play chess, or simply Im the big homie. Drake’s new CD, ‘Nothing Was the Same’ In his new music, Drake isnt being especially ingratiating or cottoning to commercial expectations, not that he ever did. Yet, even more so than before, the songs float and wander rather than punch or force. Its not an original approach. Kanye Wests 808s & Heartbreak and Kid Cudis Man on the Moon pioneered this arty, understated and internalized style for hip hop. Drake has a comeback for that, too. It aint who did it first/its about who did it good, he raps. Thats one of many self-aware and funny lines that pepper the CD. They should put a few more mirrors in here/so I can stare at myself, he cracks in Pound Cake. I make mistakes/Im the second to admit it, he allows in Tuscan Leather, while in All Me he compares himself to toilet paper. Im on a roll/like Cottonelle. Along the way, Drake has hardly abandoned his part as a sensitivo.

Lunch is available for purchase from the Pret A Manger Kiosk, and free coffee will be served. Kicking off the series Wednesday, September 25 is jazz and classical pianist Ron Surace, who will perform some of his favorite jazz standards and original compositions. He has performed extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe. He is narrator/pianist with the Concertani di Chicago Orchestra, Atlanta Pops Orchestra, and the Huntsville Symphony and has performed with the Glenn Miller Orchestra (Ray McKinley), Bob Crosby, Ralph Marteri, Si Zentner, and the Bob Hope and Steve Allen road show orchestras. He is director/pianist of the In Full Swing jazz orchestra. We have received such a warm welcome from the community since relocating our headquarters to downtown Evanston this summer, said Music Institute President and CEO Mark George. Our Institute for Therapy through the Arts (ITA) and Musical Theater program are already serving segments of the Evanston community. We are now pleased to present a free lunchtime concert series for the entire community, particularly our new neighbors in downtown Evanston. These informal performances will feature our spectacular artist faculty. George continued, Evanston is an arts-friendly city. I am truly appreciative of the assistance we received from the City of Evanstons Economic Development Division.

Music’s Super Tuesday: Drake, Sting, Kings of Leon, Icona Pop, Elton John and Cher all have new CDs

Im speaking as one of the many composers who write for both film and television, enhancing the many great films and television shows that are produced in Hollywood with our music, adding an additional layer to complete the storytelling. It seems at one time, a composer had to choose which path to pursue a film or television. I was many times given the advice, Dont do television if you want to score features. But these days, the lines are more blurred than ever. You have Oscar-winning film composers scoring television shows and receiving Emmys for their outstanding work. Oscar winning actors, directors and producers that are titans of film are now making a big impact on the small screen. Throw in all the new digital streaming services, and it seems the lines between all mediums are becoming even less distinct. Nowadays, more than ever great stories are what attract audiences, and their viewing habits are changing rapidly. Now, back to the process of writing music for these mediums. There was a time in the not so distant past when film meant live orchestra and television meant synth score. Process-wise, it usually starts the same way. A composer sits down with the director and producer, spots the film for music and discusses what the music should be doing.

By Associated Press, Three years after the Kings of Leons last record, the edgy, gravely rock foursome return in top shape with Mechanical Bull. The album takes the bands unique sound the recognizable longing guitars and Caleb Followills growl and adds a hint of melancholy and a stillness that gives the songs an aura of contentment. Looking for things to do? Select one or more criteria to search Kid-friendly Get ideas Nervy desire and wildness is still present in their music, most prominently in Tonight, with its sexy vibes of earlier hits that hinted at mad tumbling into lust, and in the obsessive strummings of Wait for Me. The playful notes of the first single, Supersoaker, set the tone, adding a sense of giddiness to the proceedings. Dont Matter goes full-on rock in the beginning but is gradually imbued with a hint of Billy Joel. Temple starts out noisily and morphs into the confident stage presence of a rock star. Beautiful War rounds up the sound with a heartfelt ballad that showcases Calebs voice. And Family Tree sounds like an old man trying to give advice to the young, who think they know better than everyone else. Despite tackling the familiar themes of drunken nights and tentative love, the songs weave the story of a man who knows the meaning of being lost and who has finally been found. Mechanical Bull isnt the anguished edgy ride youd expect from Kings of Leon but a fun, stirring experience you dont want to end. ____ Follow Cristina Jaleru on Twitter: Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.