Real estate agents shouldn’t ignore Instagram just because Facebook is more widespread. If you can get into the platform’s 1.21 billion monthly active users, you’ll be sitting on a veritable cash mine.

Instagram can be used to display your properties and services in a fun and creative way, increasing your following and, in turn, your chances of making a sale.

Promote Your Property Listings

What makes Instagram successful for real estate?

Superior stills and moving images.

Hire a professional photographer or videographer if doing so is within your budget. Use a variety of imaginative viewpoints, including aerial shots, to pique the interest of potential purchasers.
You can get some great footage of the house if the lighting is excellent (don’t forget to switch on the lights!) and you film in 4K at 6 frames per second.

Just apply a suitable Lightroom filter, and your material will immediately become more interesting and compelling, stopping readers in their scrolls. In order to get your followers fired up and driving concrete action, you should emphasise each property’s primary qualities and include a clear call to action (such “DM us to schedule a meeting”).

Expert status

Just Pretend

A definition, please. Communicate your own character while enlightening your listeners.

You can do better than boring captions that just mention the number of bathrooms in your listing.

Make good use of Instagram’s prime real estate by posting useful information there (wink). Give advice to your followers on how to purchase or sell a home, and be the first to discuss local market trends on your Stories or Reels.

The Elmes Group is a company that excels in this area. Along with fresh listings, one agency shows off its knowledge by recommending why now is a great time to buy a luxury home because to current low loan rates.

Make your Instagram posts intriguing

How do I get more likes and comments on Instagram in a hurry?

Disrupt the status quo.

An outside photo of a home is a staple of real estate Instagram accounts. Buyers are interested in seeing the interior as well as the exterior of the listing.

If you want to shake things up, you should attempt something new.

Feature the area by posting a photo you took at the farmer’s market or a hip new eatery. Locate the appealing lifestyle features that will entice potential buyers.

Try out some lifestyle images to show your fans what it’s like to really be there. Make s’mores by the fire, swim in the pool, or have a party. While this may not always be feasible, it is nevertheless a good idea to have on hand.

The greatest approach to be noticed on Instagram is to make a reel. Make a virtual tour that no one else has or highlight the three best things about a new listing.

Brag about your company’s success

Did you recently sell a home? Share your experience on Instagram.


It’s a trust and honesty booster. There are two main goals to achieve while disseminating news:

First, it bolsters your professional standing by demonstrating that your real estate agency can be trusted.

Building trust with your target market and increasing the possibility that they would do business with you by providing positive social proof are two of the most effective ways to grow your business.
Posting examples of past deals that went well is another effective way to promote your real estate business.

Including testimonials in your Instagram posts may help establish your reputation and earn the confidence of potential customers. People want to know they can trust their real estate agent and that they have the skills necessary to make a transaction before they hire them.

You may demonstrate your track record and abilities to assist homeowners realise their real estate goals by sharing testimonials from satisfied clients.

Use Instagram Ads to Expand Your Local Business

Last but not least, supplement your real estate Instagram approach with some sponsored promotion.


Meta’s Instagram features a fantastic ad targeting technology that allows you zero in on a certain demographic.

  • Specifics might be aimed at:
  • Socioeconomics
  • Topics of Interest
  • The place(s)
  • Actions
  • Linguistics
  • Links to other pages

To gain access to the customers of competing businesses in your region, you may even generate audiences that look like those of your rivals.

Promoting a property with Instagram advertising that are specifically designed for the target audience is a great approach to attract new buyers. The nicest aspect is that…

Your advertising may be tailored to your spending limits and end goals. Instagram advertisements may help you reach your objectives, whether they raising brand exposure or increasing website traffic. Don’t be reluctant to give them a go since you never know what can happen if you do!