get guaranteed views for Instagram reels

Instagram rapidly gathered users and has now become one of the most influential social media platforms. In 2021, Instagram made $47.6 billion revenue which is unbelievable. When we analyze the active users rate, Instagram ranks second with about one billion active users. So promoting brands can deliver maximum ROI here. Instagram advertising provides many ways to advertise your brand with images and videos to your target audience. To make an Instagram ad, you need to have a Facebook advertising account managed through the Facebook power editor or Instagram ads manager. 

How To Create Instagram Reels Ad?

Instagram ads are in vertical videos on a full screen and appear between regular and non-sponsored reels. You can loop, like, share and comment on the ads and it’s labeled as sponsored. First, create a business account and link to the Facebook page. Add both pages in the business manager by clicking on add page in the setting. At last, complete the below steps to create an Instagram Reels ad. 

Step: 1 (Create Instagram Reels Ad Video)

Record the reels ad video more creatively and save it. 

Step: 2 (Go To Facebook Ads Manager)

Ads manager helps to run and maintain the ad, so click on the create button to build a champagne setup. 

Step: 3 ( Select Advertising Goal) 

Facebook provides six objectives for reel ads. They are brand awareness, reach, traffic, app installs, video views, and conversion, so you must ensure you choose the right objectives. 

Step: 4 ( fill out the Ads champagne form)

This section contains essential details such as your budget, the schedule, and the target audience, ensuring you select a cold audience option to reach a new audience. 

Step: 5 ( Select The Placement)

Select the manual placement option to show your ad as reels and click on the Instagram reels. 

Step: 6 (Customize Call To Action Button)

Attractive words catch the audience’s attention and invite them to perform specific actions, so choose shop now, read more, sign up and click the CTA button to increase the engagement range. 

Tips For Creating Instagram Reel Ads 

Here are the essential tips for creating an impactful Instagram Reel ad. 

Make A Fun And Creative Video

Deliver your advertising content in an entertaining way that highlights your products to boost  more clicks and sales. Avoid uploading content that is more professional and directly forcing audiences to purchase products which reduces your audience’s interaction. 

Spending more money on advertising is worth it when you want to grow your business to make sales and increase the website’s traffic. On a limited budget, get guaranteed views for Instagram reels by utilizing the ads for greater engagement that tends to improve your sales.. Finally, with more engagement and improved sales conversion makes your business more popular on Instagram.   

Find Your Competitors

Enter your niche and find out who your competitors are, what the strategies they use, and how engaging their contents are, to get a clear idea about your advertising plan. 

Select The Ad Duration

Deliver your content within 30 seconds, so your content cuts off in the middle. Remember, Instagram reel ads are the same duration as Instagram reels, so make a video within 15 seconds or 30 seconds. 

Find Your Audience Interest 

The analytics section gives complete information about your post, so find the most viewed post and observe its performance. At last, find the proper way to make your audience engaged with your content. 

Use audio and text. 

The core of the reels is music, so using the correct audio relevant to your products helps to deliver your content to a broader audience. Most of the time, users turn off the audio volume. In that case, the text helps deliver the video context, increasing content engagement. 

Upload Proper Dimension

The aspect ratio of the Instagram reels ad is 9:16, and the file size is 1080*1920. Focus on video quality is essential because no one likes to watch low-quality videos, so upload high-quality videos to grab more attention. 


In social media marketing, marketers need to adapt to the changes to meet customers’ expectations. So if you want an instant reach for your product, try Instagram reel ads. Optimize and improve Instagram campaigns to generate more customers and increase your brand awareness. Maintaining consistency in the ads provides better results and more engagement.