Did you ever take care of a pigeon colony? If you’ve ever done this, you know that the birds only consume a few of the grains before taking off again, regardless of how many you scatter.

Then, suddenly, a few birds descend onto the grain and begin devouring it.

The birds that have already feasted have undoubtedly told the newcomers about the food they would soon be enjoying.
To use an analogy, think of a hashtag as a gathering place for pigeons at a grain field. The data, patterns, and developments that you need are all right there for you to see.

However, many Instagram users who make their own content are clueless when it comes to discovering appropriate hashtags.

Therefore, in this article, we explore how to locate appropriate Instagram posts in any field. For your convenience, we have compiled our list of over a thousand Instagram hashtags at the end of this piece.

Just what is a hash tag on Instagram?

Let’s start with the fundamentals before diving into the specifics. A hashtag on Instagram is a word or string of words prefixed with the number sign.

This is what Americans may refer to as a pound symbol or a number sign. Whereas the ‘Hash’ symbol (#) is known as in many other countries.

Using hashtags, content can be sorted into relevant discussions. Twitter pioneered the use of hashtags in social media with their 2007 implementation. Many other systems have used it since then.

Let’s take a look at the method that goes into making hashtags.

When using Instagram, how do you include hashtags?

As we saw above, using hashtags on Instagram makes it possible to organise content into distinct collections.

So, to illustrate:

Assume you are interested in reading articles about digital marketing. Simply type “#digitalmarketing” into Instagram’s search bar to find relevant posts. You can get suggestions for relevant hashtags from the search box.

As we’ve seen, hashtags make it possible to organise content into distinct channels inside the service.
Let’s make things even easier for ourselves.

Compare the Instagram search box to Google and each hashtag page to a SERP. Like Google, this page’s updates will be based on a variety of criteria, such as:

  • Relevance of comments
  • Quantity of reactions, discussions, and bookmarks
  • The account’s follower count, along with other metrics Instagram uses to rank profiles.

If your content is subpar, using popular hashtags won’t help you much. Your Instagram photos will acquire the most traction from hashtags if they stand out from the throng. In a matter of minutes, you can make visually arresting Instagram posts with the aid of a professional tool or a free online graphic design programme.

How many distinct categories of Instagram hashtags are there?

Instagram now has over a billion regular users. Consequently, the use of hashtags has increased. Also, with greater numbers comes greater diversity. So, let’s examine the various Instagram hashtags in use.

Using a branded hashtag on Instagram

Branded hashtags are those that include your company’s or product’s name. Hashtags like this are utilised in every social media profile promotion. The hashtags #Nike, #PicMaker, #Instagram, #LouisVuitton, etc., are all instances of branded hashtags.

Here’s a post from Louis Vuitton that includes a member of the South Korean boy band BTS and features the brand’s branded hashtag.

Product/service-related hashtags

The items in this category can also be found in the preceding one. Although your brand provides access to your products and services, you are free to organise them in any way you see fit. Products and services are sometimes offered in predefined groups.

Hashtags for Nike products can include “#shoes,” “#whiteshoes,” “#whitesneakers,” and so on.

Hashtags used by the community on Instagram

This is a fantastic method for getting your Instagram posts indexed inside already hashtags or groups.

Using hashtags like “#musiciansofInstagram” would help index your post throughout the international music community.
Brands may also take advantage of this by coining their own hashtag. The company Mindvalley, founded by the entrepreneur and motivational speaker Vishen Lakhiani, tags all of its Instagram photos with relevant community hashtags.

The use of unique campaign hashtags on Instagram

These are branded hashtags that may be used to monitor certain Instagram promotions. KFC celebrates “#nationafriedchickenday” every year, for instance. This wasn’t their official hashtag, but it was a perfect fit for their product: fried chicken.All of their tweets and Instagrams made clever use of the hashtag. What you just did was an excellent example of hashtag efficiency.

However, Coca-Cola included the hashtag #shareacoke in their well-known advertising campaign.

All of their tweets and Instagrams made clever use of the hashtag.

Hashtags for certain events

These are the hashtags used for worldwide conventions and gatherings.

A popular event hashtag is “#olympics,” which was first used in 2012. These hashtags can be further divided into several classes according to the nation in which they are hosted.