How to Select Among a Reel, IGTV, a Post, and a Story on Instagram

Instagram is among the most important social media sites for videos, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between the various video possibilities with new features constantly added. You have the option of posting a finished video to Instagram as a Reel, an IGTV, a Post, or a Story. So, how do you make your decision?

Each video is different and will likely work better in one of these spots than others, so we’ll go through each of the options and how to pick the ideal one for you.

Reel vs. IGTV vs. Post vs. Story vs.

A Reel is a new short-form video product modeled after TikTok’s platform. It enables for a 60-second video made consisting of a single video or numerous pieces put together. You can edit your video clips in the app with audio, screen text, close captions, & graphic effects, just like TikTok.

IGTV is the last video placement that supports long material to fifteen minutes on a mobile device and 60 minutes on a desktop computer. IGTV is similar to YouTube more than any other short clip network.

A Post is a typical video that you upload to your profile and appears in your followers’ primary feeds. The “regular” option was once the only way to share video material on Instagram. Videos in this category can last up to a minute.

Finally, A Story is a brief clip viewed in the small circles at the head of the profile or on the main feed of your followers. These videos can only be 10 seconds long, but you can publish as many as you like in a row.

When Should You Use a Reel?

The Reels feature, like TikTok’s, is ideal for getting your material in front of a new audience. You could buy Instagram reels likes to gain new followers and even customers if you’re a business profile.

When Should You Use IGTV?

Finally, educational content, including product demonstrations, works particularly well on IGTV. Because you have a loyal following on IGTV who knows they’re about to see something more in-depth than other options on our list, you could get away with slightly more time and attention-intensive content. You can buy IGTV views to increase the viewer’s count and make your content popular.

IGTV is also suitable for content that doesn’t entirely suit any of the requirements above. If you have a video that is longer than three minutes and would be tough to break up into articles, IGTV is a terrific option. If you have content that would work on Reels but is more polished and official in appearance, IGTV is a fantastic option. And, like Reels, Instagram TV is a terrific way to get your video in front of new people.

When Should You Use a Post?

A Post is the most common type of video on Instagram, and it plays a crucial role in the video ecosystem. A Post is an excellent choice for less than minute-long information, and you’d like to stay on your page indefinitely. When someone visits your profile and looks through the content, your clip will be available for them to watch and interact with. 

When Should You Tell a Story?

When your content is more casual or underproduced, a Story video is ideal. It’s okay if your story content doesn’t look polished because it’s typically aimed to provide your fans a peek behind the scenes of your brand—actually, the more authentic, bloopers and all, the better.


Each video is different and will likely work better in one of these spots than others. Try to incorporate one or two or all for best results.

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