According to Instagram’s most recent internal data, over 200 million users regularly see at least one business profile. This equates to 25 million businesses with an Instagram presence.

With more than 500 million active users every day, Instagram is sure to be popular among your target demographic.

Instagrammers aren’t simply there — they actively participate in the community.
Seventy-five percent of Instagram users who view a brand’s post take some sort of action, such as clicking through to the website. For your company’s reputation, that’s a huge break.

If you own a business and want to attract and retain a dedicated consumer base, Instagram advertising is a must.

Following these tried-and-true methods will give your Instagram strategy a head start, even if it will be tough to analyse your return on investment due to the lack of clickable connections.

Instagram’s feed has been revamped to prioritise high-quality posts, so if you want your material to be seen by your followers, it must be useful to them.

The greatest place to start is by connecting with your followers in a way that speaks to their unique set of interests, values, and aspirations.

Capitalise on People’s Passions

To achieve this goal, you should produce and disseminate material that demonstrates that you share the consumers’ passions and interests.

If, for instance, your company offers green energy solutions, you may safely assume that your customers care deeply about environmental concerns.

Learn about your audience so you can write on topics that really matter to them.

With its design-driven, creative, elegant, and professional content, Canva, a corporate visual design tool, has successfully captured the soul of its brand. Canva’s Instagram posts reflect the values of its user base, which prioritises eye-catching design that accurately reflects their businesses.

Use UGC as part of your Instagram advertising strategy

Sharing something you’re confident your audience will enjoy is great, but likes and followers are shallow interactions that don’t necessarily lead to deeper connections.

Social proof and third-party endorsement come together when workers, customers, or fans write about your company, whether directly or indirectly.

You may increase your brand’s worth with little additional effort or expense by distributing UGC and fostering genuine online relationships.

Most of Adobe’s Instagram posts feature shout-outs to creatives who use the company’s tools, a strategy that promotes both the artists who use Adobe’s products and the software’s many useful features.

Feature Your Clientele

Similar to user-generated content, showcasing your patrons is an excellent strategy for fostering genuine connections with your audience and boosting the perceived worth of your company.
We understand that, especially in the B2B industry, your items may not be the most aesthetically interesting to showcase on such a platform, but many of your clients may be able to make up for that.

This tactic may greatly increase your Instagram engagement if you have a mechanism to record client tales and present them in an approachable, visual format.

Incorporating the influence of your followers into your Instagram marketing strategy may provide impressive results, but only if you’re familiar with the platform’s core functionalities.

To get the most out of your social media marketing efforts, you need be cognizant of Instagram’s constraints while making the most of its benefits.

Tap Into the Potential of the Instagram Carousel

Instagram now allows users to add up to 10 photos or videos to a single post, called a “carousel,” since sometimes a single image isn’t enough to tell the full story.

Take advantage of this function to provide a gallery of connected media; this is an excellent method for showcasing products.

With Instagram’s carousel feature, you can post a slideshow of images related to your company without flooding your followers’ feeds with ads.

Promote Your Instagram Account With Appropriate Hashtags

You should use hashtags since it’s a great way to connect with individuals who aren’t already following your account. Hashtags enable Instagram users to find your posts in response to a specific search query.

Simply Measured found that, on average, there was a 12.6% increase in interaction for Instagram posts that included at least one hashtag compared to those that did not.

Make-A-Wish anticipated and prepared for this to explode online. They received 1.7 billion hashtag impressions thanks to the participation of ex-Batmen Christian Bale and Ben Affleck.

However, you should watch how often you use the same tags to avoid the mysterious Instagram Shadowban. When an account’s posts utilise the same hashtags frequently, it is “shadowbanned,” or removed from hashtag search results. Be selective about which hashtags you use and be sure to switch them up on a regular basis.

Know Your Call-to-Action

Unfortunately, you can’t use a single Instagram post to boost traffic to your website because the only area to include a clickable link is in your profile bio.

Optimise this connection by keeping it up-to-date and informing your followers of any new information they may find about your product or service by clicking the link in your bio.
Since you can’t utilise clickable links, your calls to action should instead focus on getting people to click on your bio link or encourage them to tag, like, follow, or comment on a picture.