Instagram Reels (IG Reels) is TikTok’s newest video competitor, so it’s no surprise that it’s garnering a lot of attention on social media. With the United States threatening to ban TikTok, it appears that IG Reels has a great chance to explode in popularity.

In addition, it appears that some individuals have inquiries. In large numbers:

  • How well received do you think Instagram Reels will be?
  • And how do you put it to use?
  • As soon as possible, please release it in other countries (right now Reels is available in bigger markets including the US, Mexico, India, Brazil, the U.K., Australia, Spain, France, Germany, Japan, Argentina and a few others.)
  • Do you think IG Reels will eventually replace TikTok?

What is it?

Instagram Reels explains

The Instagram Reels feature is a newer way to create videos on the platform, and it only allows for 15 seconds of footage. Like the popular app TikTok, IG Reels lets you use your own voiceover or import audio from other sources to enhance your videos.

While at first glance Instagram’s Reels feature may seem like a clone of the popular video-sharing app TikTok, users will find that it works quite well with their preferred Instagram editing methods and filters.

You can either record the clips with the IG Reels camera or select them from your existing camera roll to upload.

Your Instagram followers are the only people who can view your Reels if you have a private account. Everyone can see them if you make it public (just like the privacy settings on other Instagram posts).

In the event that you have never seen an Instagram Reel before, you can identify them by the circular icon that appears in the bottom left corner of the video as you scroll through your feed.

Instagram Stories is where you’ll find IG Reels, but you can also find them in a user’s feed or in their Reels section of their profile.

They’re also regularly featured on Instagram’s Explore page, and from what we can tell, they represent the pinnacle of cultural trends on the platform. One of the first things a user will see when they visit their Explore page are these.

It’s cool that Instagram will send you a notification if one of your Reels is featured on the Explore page.

A Look at the Numbers: Instagram

While discussing analytics and statistics for a new tool like Instagram Reels can be difficult, the data we have so far shows the tool’s impact on the Instagram community and the positive reception it has received.

To that end, I present the following encouraging data about IG Reels:

  • Brazil was the first country to get IG Reels, and the country’s Instagram user base is said to grow by about 1% every month.
  • After IG Reels was released in July of 2020, the number of Instagram downloads in India jumped by 11.4%.
  • Twenty of the thirty NBA teams are active users of Instagram Reels.
  • According to reports, NBA teams see 22% more interaction with Instagram Reels than with Instagram Stories or Instagram posts.
  • On August 5, 2020, IG Reels will launch in fifty countries around the world.
  • Already, brands are capitalising on IG Reels as a new content distribution method, with 7 million average views per Reel from Louis Vuitton, over 453 thousand views per Reel from Sephora France, and more than 2.4 million views per Reel from Red Bull France.
    In sum, Instagram Reels is a welcome feature in an already robust app, or as Instagram puts it:

Reels provides users with fresh avenues for self-expression, expands the reach of their favourite Instagram content, and puts anyone with the desire to become a creator in the spotlight.

You should definitely give Reels a shot now that you know what they are.

Make Highlight Videos for Instagram

There’s no learning curve to IG Reels if you’re already familiar with Instagram. But just in case, let’s run through the steps quickly.

To begin, click the Reels button located beneath the camera on Instagram.

Then, on the left side of the screen, you’ll see a selection of editing tools, ready to be put to use in making your Reel more engaging and entertaining.

The Timing and Countdown Audio Augmented Reality (AR) App.

Simply by pressing and holding the capture button, a Reel can be recorded (just like a normal IG video).