Instagram has over 500 million users who regularly share photos and videos. It’s safe to assume that you landed here in search of some creative ways to make your Instagram account stand out in a sea of competition.

Here, we’ve compiled the most useful advice for making an Instagram story and achieving the polished look you want for your IG tales, so you can better connect with your audience and potential customers.

1. Share a special video series

The use of narratives for communicating trivial or unimportant information is inappropriate. Exclusive content is a great way to keep your readers interested and coming back for more.

2. Make use of them for mutual advertising

Instagram’s swipe-up function is a major reason for the platform’s meteoric rise to prominence as a major cross-promotional hub online.

As an influencer, you should make the most of this chance to advertise your other social media accounts.

3. Third, evaluate a product.

If you want to make the most of your influence, you should take advantage of every possible networking feature within the app.

In order to increase your chances of getting sponsored by brands you like, you should use stories to share reviews of those products with your followers.

4. Make use of recycled materials!

If some of your posts didn’t make it into your followers’ feed, you can use them again in your Stories.

In fact, more than 24.9% of all Instagram content is shared in stories. Over 70% of British millennials watch stories each and every day.

It’s clear that there’s a massive audience for Instagram Stories. They are perfect for highlighting the great content your followers may have missed.

5. Five, may I inquire?

By engaging them in conversation with questions, you can strengthen the bonds between your page and its followers. Therefore, it’s clear why Instagram polls are so popular.

Influencers can benefit greatly from polls because they provide insight into their audience’s preferences and allow them to create more personalised content.

6. Disseminate the truth

Giving your followers a glimpse into your daily life is a surefire way to make them feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves.

By giving your followers a glimpse into your personal life, you can boost their interest in your posts and attract more followers.

7. Label the labels you love the most

Tagging a brand on your story increases your visibility and, in turn, your chances of getting sponsored. Tagging a company is not a bad idea whether you are discussing them or reviewing one of their products.

8. Mention other writers in your content

Whenever you’re networking, it’s a good idea to tag the accounts of other people who create content in your niche and share their posts.

Doing so will boost the likelihood of those influencers sharing your content. And this is a surefire way to boost your Instagram following and boost your career.

9. Try an Ask Me Anything!

Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions are among the most popular and interesting pieces of content a creator can publish.

This is because if you open the floor to questions from your followers, they can learn more about you as a real person and less about you as a faceless voice they hear on the internet.

10. Let the cameras roll!

Instagram’s most crucial function, live-streaming, was added to stories last of all.

When compared to Instagram’s other features, livestreams have the highest engagement rate. New York Magazine found that 82% of readers would rather watch live videos than read regular posts.

Get in front of your audience as often as you can in a live setting. Have a fan Q&A, respond to their comments, or even go live with them!

11. Prepare instructional materials.

Providing quick guides to the concepts you’ve covered in your stories is a great way to engage your audience while also adding value.

If your page is dedicated to fashion and makeup tips, for instance, you could create and share quick how-to videos. Make sure everyone knows how you can cast spells on shots if you’re a filmmaker.

Over 59% of users are looking for content to teach them something, making educational content very common and popular.

12. Recount some interesting information

An excellent Instagram story idea is to tell a humorous or interesting story. They are always eager to learn something new and entertaining.

Share something interesting about yourself, your field, or the world at large. The Instagram story is a great place to share interesting information with your followers.