We all enjoy Instagram stories, right? They’re entertaining, they’re amusing, they’re easy and they disappear in 24 hours so there’s no obligation to make them great feed-worthy material.

Instagram stories are an integral aspect of any successful Instagram marketing plan because of how widely used they have become. As it turns out, attracting new Instagram followers requires a well-thought-out Instagram story approach as much as it does a visually appealing feed.

But like we’ve mentioned before, you can’t just post any old story for your followers to suddenly skyrocket. There are a handful of strategies you should have up your sleeve on how to use Instagram stories.

How to utilise Instagram stories successfully?

Let’s start with a brief review of how to use Instagram Stories and incorporate them into your profile before diving into the meat of how to strategy when it comes to tales.

From your Instagram news stream, slide to the right.
You may then pick if you want to add text, a picture, a video, ask your followers a question, conduct a poll offer a quiz or even post a charity link. Just start writing to create text. To upload a photo or video you may swipe up from the bottom and add stuff from your camera roll.

Then you can get crazy with adding stickers, gifs, places, tags, and more. Here are some strategies for writing exceptional tales!

Choose your course of action and stick to it consistently

The most important thing you should remember from this piece is how vital regular updates are to the success of your social media presence. You don’t have to publish daily but creating a timetable that works for you and adhering to it is crucial.

Regular publishing ensures that readers become accustomed to seeing and interacting with your work. Consistently publishing to your feed also improves your profile’s chances of being included on the explore page.

As a first step in using ig stories, we recommend outlining what you intend to include in your material. You may count on this schedule to keep your posting schedule regular. It will help you escape that awful “stuck on what to post” sensation.

You can’t just wait to post when you feel inspired if you’re attempting to expand your Instagram audience. Our go-to social media strategy is categorising posts when developing content plans seems too daunting. Select 3-5 content categories or themes that you may submit. Make a new entry once a day in a single section, and keep that pattern up for a whole week. This provides you a nice variety of content so your stories don’t seem repetitive.

Leverage story highlights

Instagram stories expire after 24 hours unless you save them as Instagram Story Highlights. Story highlights operate as curated selections of your stories that exist on your profile that you may view anytime.

Your Instagram profile’s highlights from your stories will appear just beneath your bio. You can advise new followers to review your story highlights for further information.

Your Instagram profile might work a little like your business card. Why utilise Instagram stories highlights? To highlight the greatest stuff that defines your brand of course. Did you have a great Ask Me Anything? Highlight it! Do you usually post helpful advice on Tuesdays? Highlight them! You don’t have to include every Instagram story you publish (and probably shouldn’t), but you should select the ones that best illustrate your brand’s values and personality.

Additionally, you can always utilise your previous tales to make highlights if you haven’t gotten around to it yet. Check your Instagram settings, and under Privacy, choose Stories. If you have Instagram set to “Save to Archive,” you may go back and add highlights from stories you posted in the past. In case you haven’t already, choose to save your work.

Apply labels or stickers

We’re simply going to say it: Instagram stickers are just simple fun! These assist give your account a human touch and attract new readers. There are 3 stickers in particular that you should utilise.

Mention Sticker

Instagram stories may be tagged using the mention sticker. When you tag someone in a post, they will receive a notification and can share your update on their own profile if they want to do so. As a gesture of gratitude, many users will reshare your article. When disseminating UGC or curated information, the Mention Sticker comes in handy.

Location Stories

Tag a specific spot with the help of the location sticker. Your experience will then be visible in the publicly available narratives for that area. This will allow your story to appear in Instagram results for anyone looking for that specific place.

There are a variety of location stickers available; to get the most exposure and interaction, you should choose one that is just right.

Sticker Hashtag

Here at our Team, we’re all about the hashtags. Hashtags on Instagram Stories function similarly to those on the main Instagram app.

If you use a hashtag, your content will appear in the public stories containing that tag. Examine the associated posts and stories using that hashtag as you would any other.

Fast communication is essential

Is there a specific action you hope they’ll do as a result of hearing your message?

Write your entries in reverse order of time. The first step in telling a good tale is deciding what it is you want the user to do and what information you want them to have. Your objectives and message will come across more clearly if you lay them out beforehand.

You can’t afford to overlook this on Instagram Stories! You are not alone in your propensity for skimming narratives. Mobile users complete tasks 41% faster than their desktop counterparts. Make sure everyone understands your point before you publish the tale.