First impressions are crucial.

And the key to converting visitors into followers is an Instagram look that is consistent with your company.

What’s the good news? Your feed doesn’t have to seem like it was taken by a professional photographer or edited with the latest and greatest tools to be engaging.

In this article, we will discuss the best practises for developing a compelling Instagram aesthetic in the year 2023, so that you may attract more followers, promote your company, and stand out from the competition.

2023 Instagram Branding: Tips for a Consistent Visual Language

In the modern world, your Instagram account serves as a combination of a résumé, a portfolio, and a website.

A compelling Instagram aesthetic might be the difference between a follow and a tap away, since you just have seconds to present yourself and show your worth.

Learning to leave a positive impression and expand your network is a goal you may like to pursue. For an overview of the process, consider these four bullet points:

Create a Name for Yourself

The moment in The Lion King when Rafiki first asks Simba his name? Ok right, so your company’s name is Simba; please respond.

The basis upon which your brand will grow is its identity. It’s the driving force behind everything you do online, and it will inform everything from your tone to the structure of your articles to the relationships you foster with your audience.

Inquire within:

In a sentence, how would you define your company’s brand?

Just why are you doing this?

So who exactly are you aiming for?

When people visit Instagram, what makes you think they should follow you?

After you’ve mastered those, you’ll be well on your way to effectively sharing your unique Instagram style with the world.

Choose a recurring colour scheme and/or theme for your Instagram posts

After developing your brand, you may go on to establishing your Instagram style.

Making a mood board might help you focus your feed’s aesthetic and jumpstart your creativity.

Whatever it is, whether it’s a certain colour scheme, a recurring design element, or just a certain feel, it should be consistent.
You may make your feed easier to visualise by using a variety of colours, textures, patterns, and phrases.

Keep in mind that your brand’s colour scheme may and should change over time. You shouldn’t feel obligated to use the same Instagram theme indefinitely; instead, you should evaluate its effectiveness once a year.

Keep Your Style Consistent with Your Icon, Feed, and Stories

The visual appeal of your Instagram depends on a number of factors, including your profile photo and the content you choose to highlight in your Stories.

Here are three strategies for keeping your Instagram photos consistent with your brand:

Create an Instagram profile picture that reflects the visual style of your company

Maintaining a consistent visual style on Instagram is as simple as updating your profile image.

You can lose followers if your Instagram symbol is a cat and your site is about cooking.

A user’s first impression of you is heavily influenced by the profile picture they see.

Maintain a Stunning Instagram Account

Those who visit your Instagram profile will initially view your feed.

Using the same or similar filters, cropping, and editing style may help maintain a unified aesthetic throughout your feed.

Create Eye-Catching Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories should be a part of your overall look so keep that in mind when you design your feed.

Using your brand’s colours in text or drawing tools or sticking to the same Instagram typeface are both easy ways to do this.

Take the time to prepare!

As a result, it is important to plan ahead when curating a visual style so that you can demonstrate your worth and attract followers from the get-go.

You can make sure your new Instagram material will blend in with your old content by using the Visual Planner tool’s feed preview option.

You may rearrange the media in your feed by dragging and dropping the individual posts from the Media Library into a new order.

2023 Instagram Trends in Aesthetics

There’s a new trend of aesthetics that’s been appearing on Instagram, and it includes anything from pink tones to somewhat hazy photos.

Here are some things to try if you’re in need of some inspiration:

Completely Raw, But Expertly Selected

In 2023, authenticity with all its flaws is prized beyond anything else.

This trend in posting large numbers of unedited photographs and movies in a carousel post or Reel has been embraced by creators, brands, celebrities, and regular users alike.

The concept is straightforward: just be honest about what’s going on in your life.

Images from your camera roll, monthly highlights, or photos from a specific event or activity may all be curated.

Although the raw photo dump might be aesthetically pleasing, it still requires some curating to really shine.

Feed Fonts from Instagram App
You may have noticed an uptick in the use of Instagram’s built-in typefaces if you’ve spent any time exploring memes recently.
Instagram’s revamped in-app fonts make it simple to make colourful memes that reflect your personal style.

Dull and cloudy

It was initially announced here: we like the melancholy and grain, but no bright colours, please.

Several successful labels and artists have adopted this style because it strikes a balance between minimalism and high fashion.

We get a subdued, understated end product. Who knew there was such a thing as a stylish Instagram feed?

Lifestyle and Product Photography

The following design principle is so subtle that you may have missed it.

Instagram is a great place to show off your product range, and many companies and enterprises utilise it to do just that.

Combine user-generated and professional video, and add in some lifestyle images.