Instagram has become a useful tool for promoting and monetizing businesses nowadays. Having a large number of followers increases the likelihood that others will interact with your content, which in turn increases your account’s visibility and popularity. Having a huge number of followers, however, does not guarantee any kind of success.

It is believed that there are 1 billion people using Instagram, with 500 million of those people regularly seeing Instagram Stories. These are encouraging statistics that point to the social network’s potential as a useful venue for fostering connections with others. Many businesses and bloggers make money from this by advertising their wares. The number of people actively participating in your Instagram posts may be increased in a number of ways. Some Instagram users have found success using social media management tools and content calendars to increase their account’s visibility. Learn how to measure success beyond just the number of followers by reading this article.

Calculating Your Instagram Followers’ Interest

Engagement metrics on Instagram are useful for determining whether or not your audience is actually engaged in the stuff you’re sharing. It’s proportional to how much money you make. Your earnings will increase according to the number of people that view and engage with your posts and articles. Consequently, you should strive for the highest possible rate of conversion and increase the number of impressions (such as likes, comments, shares, taps, etc.).

There is no use in paying or misleading people into following your page now that you can easily get millions of followers. They won’t engage with or respond to your postings or articles in any way. Having 10 times fewer followers does not necessarily result in ten times less profit. Rather of focusing on number, we will discuss quality here.

Find out how to track your Instagram followers’ activity so you can improve your account’s appeal and profitability.

The first method involves taking the total number of likes in comments on posts four through ten and dividing that number by seven. The typical weekly account activity rate will be displayed. Since the first three articles are still actively receiving likes, you shouldn’t count them towards your total.
The engagement rate may also be calculated by dividing the total number of likes for postings four through ten by the total number of followers. You may gauge the level of interest in your material with its aid. Lower than a 12% participation rate indicates action is needed to increase involvement.

Key Indicators Beyond Fan Count

Anyone whose daily life is inextricably intertwined with Instagram should be aware of the considerations necessary to get to the top and win the hearts of followers. Don’t worry about growing your following count so much as you focus on these six indicators instead.


You can’t expect people to engage with your material and follow your account unless you provide compelling stories that entice them to check out your profile. A survey found that 39% of people were influenced to learn more about a brand or company after watching their Stories. Instagram users may find out how many people have viewed their Stories, gone to their accounts, or connected with them in other ways by checking their analytics. Instagram recommends high-end features like the Swipe Up button, interactive stickers, and feed positioning when building a story. It’s important to track indicators like:

The two metrics that make up your Story’s performance are its Reach and its Impressions.


We’ll discuss why the quantity of Instagram followers is not as relevant as post efficiency. Because of the favourable effect this statistic has on the algorithm’s reach, more people are likely to view your articles. Find out what people often put away now. If what you’ve written is interesting and informative, your readers will want to save the post and come back to it later. Once they save it, it will show up in their bookmarks.

Infographics, lists, carousels, inspirational articles, and pretty photographs tend to be the most bookmarked types of content online.
To make your content more discoverable, use trending hashtags.
Consider writing a sponsored post; if the product is fashionable and interesting, your account will receive a lot of attention.


People who comment on your posts are interested enough in what you have to say that they want to engage with you or other readers. Your account’s prominence in Instagram’s rankings is influenced by the amount of comments made on your posts. Increased conversion rates and decent social media profits are possible with this strategy. But apart from paying for fake likes and comments, how else can you get more genuine feedback?

The goal is to get folks interested and pay attention to what you have to say. Share an amusing or heartfelt anecdote from your life in a blog post, and encourage comments from your readers about their own relationship or life experience. To get people to respond to a question, you may bold it, put an emoji next to it, or change the font.


An active audience is far more likely to see your content once they have been shared. They can either send the message privately or share it publicly in their Stories. Having high-quality material that many people will find engaging is essential. Clicking the Insights tab will reveal how many times the article was shared. Think about how much of an impact sharing has on your account’s success. To maximise the reach of your postings, draw the interest of as many individuals as possible.

The Rates of Development

We provided you with a number of helpful metrics to monitor, but they don’t work together to paint a whole picture of your page’s progress. All your hard work must pay off in the form of tangible, beneficial outcomes. The rate of expansion ought to be greater than or equal to the preceding month every month.