Want to spice up your marketing strategy with some of the most popular brands on social media?

It’s understandable if the thought of social media marketing makes you feel anxious. Indeed, there is a plethora of social media sites, from Twitter to…

And there are so many rules to keep in mind for each platform, from Facebook to Twitter.

You may not have the time to follow them as a busy business owner. The question then becomes how to elevate your brand to the level of the most successful ones on social media.

A social media plan for your company’s small business is not something you have to dream up from scratch.

Numerous companies are killing it on social media.

Look at what they’ve written and let it motivate you.

We’re going to analyse the most successful brands on social media to figure out what they’re doing right.

Consider how you can incorporate these ideas into your own social media marketing plan. OK, so let’s get going!

Inspiring Your Social Media Strategy With the Top Brands on Social Media

Pop Tarts

Pop-Tarts, a trademark of Kellogg’s, has been producing sugary toaster pastries since 1964.

That account on Twitter is flawless in every way.

Their Twitter account uses a snarky tone that appeals to Twitter users under the age of 35.

Nothing about the company’s tweets suggests it comes from a recognisable brand.

Instead, they adopt the tone of numerous well-known Twitter accounts.

And if a tweet becomes popular, Pop-Tarts will make their own version of it.
Kellogg’s, the parent company of Pop-Tarts, uses the conventional mailing system.

And while Pop-Tarts is tweeting things like, “How beautiful do I look in my new profile pic, very beautiful or extremely beautiful…?”

Tell me what’s up.

See if you can figure out the recipe!”

Kellogg’s, interestingly, has 89,000 more Twitter followers. There are 164,000 Pop-Tarts.

For the purposes of social media, that alone is enough to place them among the elite.

Increasing numbers of eateries are getting creative with their social media promotion by tweeting out amusing and occasionally dubious content.

Nonetheless, I can see the results. To be clear, people don’t necessarily “follow” a brand because they plan to buy anything from it, but rather because they enjoy the content it produces.

However, they may end up being a satisfied client because of your social media posts.

Consumers appreciate brands that can make them laugh and aren’t afraid to engage in some healthy competition on social media.

Reebok 2

One of the most popular sportswear manufacturers on Instagram, this company makes shoes, apparel, and more.

Reebok’s digital marketing strategy is well-executed across the board, and the company makes effective use of social media outlets.

Fitness enthusiasts can find a plethora of vibrant images on Reebok’s Instagram. Photos of the newest Reebok shoes look great on the company’s Facebook page.

The business also has a YouTube channel with some excellent videos.


We will show you why Pinterest is such a valuable marketing tool.

Brand recognition, website visits, and sales can all be improved with a well-managed Pinterest account.

StubHub’s impressive presence on Pinterest makes it a top-tier social media brand.

StubHub, which is owned by eBay, is the largest ticket marketplace where fans can buy and sell tickets for sporting events, concerts, and more.

It’s understandable if the thought of creating a Pinterest account for your business gave you pause; the platform seems more tailor-made for businesses dealing with clothing or home improvement.

However, StubHub devised a clever strategy: for every kind of event they sell tickets to, they have a separate section for each.


There are a tonne of brand-friendly new additions to Instagram.

Using Instagram’s in-app shopping features is a great way to lure casual users away from the app and onto your website.

Instead, it’s as simple as tapping your finger.

Wayfair was founded in 2002 and has since become a leading online retailer of home furnishings.

Since the introduction of Instagram’s new shopping features at the beginning of 2018, their conversion rates have increased.

To the point where they are among the most successful brands in the realm of social media.

The Wayfair Instagram feed is rife with pictures of chic sofa sets and bed frames.

If a follower is interested in a product they have only to tap on the image to be taken to a page with the product’s name, price, and other details.

And getting to Wayfair’s website is a breeze once you get there.

In between the photos, Wayfair sprinkles in witty sayings like, “Does refusing to do the dishes count as resistance training?”

Encourage audience participation with these posts.


Wendy’s Twitter is very similar to Pop-Tarts’; it’s sarcastic, humorous, and features heavy fan participation and feedback.
Wendy’s does one key thing on Twitter that greatly increases interaction and places them in the top tier of social media brands:

They know what’s going on in the world.

They tweeted things like, “Might need a Scott Frosty to ice down the beating Nebraska is taking” after one game.

Almost 3,000 comments and 14,000 retweets are indicative of the level of engagement generated by tweets like this one.