TikTok Analytics: 4 Key Metrics Every Business Should Track

TikTok is the biggest social media platform on the marketplace, with an estimated billion active monthly users as of February 2021.

Everybody is watching fun movies, participating in challenges, and many audiences will be learning about stock exchanges and other educational stuff that is accessible in bite-sized pieces. It’s similar to YouTube, except for short-form content. Due to the app’s appeal among younger demographics, brands have flocked to it in an attempt to target this desired and frequently tough market.

The Total Amount Of Published Videos

The total amount of content uploaded is a metric that indicates how many films an account has produced over a particular period – this may seem elementary. Still, on a site like TikTok, it is frequently the guiding metric. Suppose your material is interesting and your viewers find it entertaining or informative. In that case, the quantity of TikToks you produce will have a strong correlation with the growth and effect of your account.

A good rate indicates that the account’s traffic is increasing steadily, which is a desirable indicator for TikTok artists.

Average Engagement Rate Per Post

Engagement is a term that relates to frequent conversations with your TikTok videos, such as likes, comments, and shares. Naturally, the higher the amount of involvement, the better.

When dealing with influencers, you can evaluate their average engagement rate per post to determine whether they are worth the investment — an influencer with a larger audience but a greater engagement rate may be a far better investment than a more well-known influencer with millions of admirers.

Tracking and analyzing conversions and profit gains that may have occurred due to social advertisements is crucial for the success of any social marketing plan.

Increase In Tiktok Followers

The follower growth statistic is a unique metric that indicates how your profile is growing on a more regular basis, even hourly.

The jumps in your following growth graph indicate which of your latest episodes perform well on the app, generating engagement to cheap TikTok likes. With these insights, you may build on what is working and attempt to correct what isn’t. When dealing with influencers, the same reasoning applies – track the connection between influencer material’s reach and interaction and follower growth.

If you’re collaborating with multiple individuals, you can urge one to upload their promoted video during the first week of the month and the next to publish the upcoming week. This allows you to attribute variations in your following growth to specific partners.

Hashtag Expansion

Hashtag growth is an excellent tool for tracking the popularity of any branded hashtags you develop for a promotion. For instance, you may collaborate with several influencers on a sponsored challenge. Suppose the task becomes viral and attracts a large number of participants from other TikTok users. In that case, it is an excellent indicator of the success of your generated hashtag and promotion as a whole.

Tools like Tiklytics can provide detailed information on each hashtag, along with the average number of likes, views, comments, shares, and the engagement rate for each hashtag. However, given the transient nature of hashtags, it’s critical to monitor hashtag development more frequently than you might, say, follower progression.

Instead, you may utilize the hashtag increase metric to keep an eye on the platform’s highest hashtags to get ideas for articles to develop and trends to follow. If the celebrities with whom you work on TikTok frequently utilize a set of repeating hashtags, it may be worthwhile to track their rise as well.

Final Remarks:

TikTok is a unique social network where the possibility for virality can exponentially increase your company’s brand reach and engagement. By aligning your business’s TikTok strategy with the right influencers, tracking the correct KPIs over time, and iteratively improving campaigns, your brand may achieve considerable ROI on the trendiest social media network.

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