In the 1970s, the hallmarks of a hippie appearance were Levi jeans, long hair, and a psychedelic colour palette. Beards, fixie bicycles, and leather bags worn slung over the shoulder are today’s bare minimums.

No, I don’t mean the ladies.

Back in the day, all we had was the material world. To be situated in a setting that is three dimensional. We are now functioning in the fourth dimension.

The process is entirely electronic.

We now live, work, and create in a digital world where your online persona is your brand. Your online content is the primary factor in establishing your reputation and brand. The pictures you’ve uploaded to social media sites, blogs, and Twitter.

Which impression do you hope to make?

In today’s world, your marketing strategy must incorporate your digital brand personality. Enjoyable, sober, or sceptic? Someone who is unconventional, offbeat, or even funny. Dominant in one’s field of thinking or expertise.

Avoid being frightened to be different.

Brand blandness is uninteresting, easy to forget, and will cause your website to be lost in the ocean of hundreds of millions out there.

When sharing photos on Twitter, what are the guidelines for creating a profile picture?

You wish to be recognised amid the deluge of tweets, then.

To what do the laws of visual images apply?

If the photographs are uploaded to and shown inline in the user’s feed, Twitter permits us to utilise them. They also work with GIFs, which are a fun and creative way to interact with readers.

In the hints and tips section, we’ll examine a few of the available options.

For what purposes might a header picture be used?

There are more than just aesthetic benefits to using a featured image as your header.

  • Introduce recent acquisitions
  • Feature a hash tag
  • Market the use of a webinar
  • Make sure people know about your new book.

One might continue this list. Keeping it updated for campaign purposes is possible if you have the time and resources to do so. Nonetheless, we must maintain our projections and remain faithful to the brand’s identity.

Here are a few pointers

Now that we know what dimensions to work with, let’s examine some techniques for improving the content’s visual appeal.

  • Photos: There are many places online where you can get stock photos for free, and you should look around on a couple of them to select the best one to accompany your published work.
  • Add your own flair by not posting the generic image as is. You may attract more views to your images by adding some colour, badges, unique text, or a call-to-action. Photoshop isn’t necessary; free software programmes like Canva, Paint.NET, fotor, and PicMonkey can handle much of what the paid programme does.

Inspiring Examples of Twitter Profile Designs

To what extent do you see yourself as a corporate or personal brand? The boundaries can be broken by individual brands. As a result, the items you use and the method you use to create your profile will be different.

Company namesakes

With Twitter, businesses can easily generate interest, communicate information, and showcase their products and services. A couple of tweets to ponder are provided below.